Proud of his boat… Monday, Jan 22 2007 

I would like to share some images of my step-father’s boat. He acquired it by chance and did A LOT of work on it to make it into the best looking boat on the water! I’m proud of all his hard work and I know he is proud of himself as well.
Boat 1 Boat 2 Boat 3 Boat 4 Boat 5 Boat 6

Images shared by Thomas Pray.


Handsome Crew… Monday, Jan 22 2007 


Our unit is not only skilled on the field, but they are good at looking good.

Image courtesy of Thomas Pray, I’m not sure who the photographer was though considering he is in the image…

Entertainment Monday, Jan 22 2007 

I have received the following image from at least 4 different sources now so I chose what I felt was the “best” shot…
…at this particular event at Fort Ticonderoga last summer my unit was lucky enough to have a member play us the fiddle while a couple of the young ladies of the unit danced (Irish I believe). It was so exciting!

Our unit always has a lot of fun at events, at this same event I believe one member was having a little too much fun…wouldn’t you say Tom. Here my step-father is enjoying a drink, was this before or after the British camp came after you for being a traitor?
Tom-French Camp …just a note on this image…the black pirate flag…so NOT authentic… 🙂

Both of the images above were shared by: Larry Winkiewicz Senior, Herrick’s Regiment

An Experiment… Saturday, Jan 13 2007 

This is one of the many pieces I am working on currently…it is no where near being finished but I am dying for some feedback…

If this image looks familiar to you…it’s because it is one of the few from the beginning of this blog 🙂

Portraits evolving? Saturday, Jan 13 2007 

I started photographing my family in their reenacting attire when I was in high school. A Junior in college I have this notion that my work has evolved, yet looking back on my work from five years ago, I see more similarities then differences. Here are some of those images…
indianchild.jpg laurenpocket.jpg momlaurenmaritime.jpg momti.jpg nativeti.jpg nativewoman.jpg youngsarajesse.jpg

My first year in college, I was still required to photograph in black and white (well at least for the first three weeks) and I had an editorial assignment to shoot, and it just so happened that it was assigned to me the week of the Grand Encampment at Fort Ticonderoga two summers ago. Attending the event I decided to “kill two birds with one stone” and photographed my assignment at the event. The fabulous members of Herricks along with other living history family members helped me out by participating. Here are some of those images…
cory.jpg ed.jpg jenchicken.jpg kiel.jpg kielcloseup.jpg laurenstairs.jpg mightyniagara.jpg momandtomti.jpg scott.jpg

While at RIT I wandered away from my living history portraits and started focusing my work on anti-smoking themes. This past quarter however I found myself photographing my family again back home in their reenacting attire for a Gender Identity assignment. I decided to photograph these images in color negative with my medium format camera. Even though I will always love the quality of a black and white photograph, by photographing the reenacting garments and accessories in color you are not losing an ounce of detail. Here are some of those images…
jessefrench.jpg momandsara.jpg momandtom.jpg saracarrots.jpg tom.jpg

Proper Introduction Wednesday, Jan 10 2007 

I realized today that I never really introduced myself, and although a majority of those contributing to this blog know me on a personal level, newcomers may or may not.

I am a third year BFA student at Rochester Institute of Technology (RIT) studying Fine Art Photography while minoring in Art History and Print Media. My second love to that of photography is living history. This blog is for me to conduct research for my own work, an outlet for me to share my work, and a place for all living history enthusiasts to come together and share our excitement about this hobby.

(This blog is also a component in the Experimental Digital course I am taking this Winter Quarter here @ RIT. To the left under “Peers” are the other students in my class.)

Lacking Photographs Wednesday, Jan 10 2007 

For a blog claiming to be about a “photographic study” I’m not posting many of my photographs. This is because I am also using this blog more importantly as a resource for research. The more interaction I receive from fellow living history enthusiasts the more I have to incorporate towards my work. I am very excited about this blog and really enjoying the comments I am receiving. Thank you to all who are participating and hopefully this will only grow from here.

Making wafers Wednesday, Jan 10 2007 

Making Wafers Image courtesy of Captain Ed Kennedy.

This is my younger sister Lauren and I (I’m the one on the left) making wafers at the Fort at #4 in NH a couple of summers ago…yum yum.

Soldiers playing soldiers Wednesday, Jan 10 2007 

I have one question to throw out there before I go to bed…

What is it like for active/retired soldiers in todays military to participate in an 18th C. war scenario?

Anyone care to share?

Choosing Sides Wednesday, Jan 10 2007 

I was thinking today, about all of the different personas involved at a living history event and I’m curious as to how many people have actually made a conscious decision to play that particular role. Personally, I attend events with my family, so when I started to participate in this hobby I just followed my step-father and became a member of his units. This past summer was the first time I broke away. Normally at the Grand Encampment @ Fort Ticonderoga (held every June and my personal FAVORITE event) I portray a British camp follower, this past season I went over to the French side. The experience, as well as the attire, was very enjoyable and I didn’t think much of becoming a traitor, until this afternoon. Can you jump back and forth for the experience itself? Are there loyalties?

British, French, German, Natives, etc… How do you choose a side?

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