When people learn that my favorite hobby (besides photography of course) is 18th Century Reenacting, I am often confronted with looks of shock and/or sheer confusion.

I grew up in the Adirondacks in the small town of Peru, NY (yes we are actually on the map). Surrounding me is Plattsburgh, NY (not even 10 mins away depending on how fast you drive), Crown Point, and Fort Ticonderoga. Across “the pond” (Lake Champlain) in Vermont is Mount Independence (directly across from Fort Ticonderoga). Crucial sites that impacted our Nations independence, our Nations history.

My step-father Thomas is the one however that introduced my mother, two sisters, brother and I to the world of reenacting. First just my mother started participating in events performing her wifely duty, but then as my sisters and I watched her get dressed in her 18th Century attire we wanted to do it too, at this point just for the clothes! 🙂 Soon it was a family thing, and we all looked forward to the next event.

Each one of us has our own reasons for participating, mine are simple…I LOVE being treated like a lady, and it seems I have to go back to the 18th Century for that to happen, I enjoy history (and what better to learn then first hand) and I love camping! Growing up in the ‘Dacks will do that to you…

If you’re a reenactor, why do you do it?