18th Century Hardships Friday, Feb 16 2007 

A few weeks ago I went home to photograph my family in their reenacting attire. This time however instead of portraits, we set up scenes to go along with a narrative developed with the help of my wise step-father. The story itself is as follows:

The year is 1779 in the Mohawk Valley. The family of Johannes Van Der Werken has been loyal to the King in these times of unrest and open rebellion to the Crown. The men have gone to join forces with John Butler and his Rangers at Fort Niagara. The women have stayed home to tend the family farm. Though the neighbors have been vocal in rebellion they have not bothered the women. Times are changing though, land and farms have been taken by Rebel law, and some homesteads have been burned. Hearing such, Johannes and son Garrett, have come back in the winter to spirit his wife Catherina and daughter Bridget to safety. They have packed only a few belongings and have slipped away. Bridget is sickly but they must risk the winter trip westward. All of their lives are in danger.

We spent all of that Saturday photographing in the FREEZING cold. My sister Lauren even stopped in to help before she went to work. I am extremely grateful for my family’s support in my photographic efforts. THANKS!!!

From this shoot we captured close to 200 images, and from them I narrowed my final cut to five, and this is not including my amazing panorama which unfortunately I cannot post at this time as I am trying to figure out a way to post it on the blog so that it can be truly enjoyed. The print after all is 80″ wide! Anyways…the final five images are below, keep in mind there is still some fine tuning which must be done before my final critique on the 26th…wish me luck!

The Journey Camp Death Sadness Left Behind


Cross dressing? Thursday, Feb 15 2007 

Earlier on in this blog we discussed choosing “sides”, and I was very pleased with the range of feedback I received. I would like to get everyone’s opinion in choosing “sides” again, but this time…choosing which sex you wish to portray.

I know for some this seems to be a controversial subject. Some participants are extremely against women dressing as men and going out on the battlefield. Some participants are all for it! With my own personal experience, even though I love dressing as a lady, I have dressed in a regimental and manned the canon crew. One event, my unit’s canon crew were all teenage girls, and we were awesome out on the field! We got a lot of stairs, but we also received a lot of praise for a job well done. It’s fun to “play” different roles on the field, and that’s what reenacting is for me anyways…a learning experience, but also a good time.

I was thinking about this last night, and I couldn’t help wonder…what if men decided to dress as women? I couldn’t imagine my Captain in a petticoat!


I’m a FINALIST!!!! Thursday, Feb 1 2007 

I’ve got some really exciting news that I would like to share…I am a finalist in Photographer’s Forum magazine’s 27th Annual College Photography Contest co-sponsored by Nikon. This years contest brought in over 28,000 photographs from photography college students in the United States, Canada, and 11 other countries worldwide.

My work is going to be published in this years hardbound publication the Best of College Photography Annual 2007. I’m so excited! I’m going to be published!! 🙂

The pieces I submitted, you’ve actually already seen. They are from the series I posted on January 13, 2007, the post Portraits Evolving? (the colored ones on the bottom).

This publication is distributed to college libraries, instructors of photography, art and design. A lot of people in the photography/art industry will be seeing this publication.

This is just the beginning ladies and gentlemen…