Earlier on in this blog we discussed choosing “sides”, and I was very pleased with the range of feedback I received. I would like to get everyone’s opinion in choosing “sides” again, but this time…choosing which sex you wish to portray.

I know for some this seems to be a controversial subject. Some participants are extremely against women dressing as men and going out on the battlefield. Some participants are all for it! With my own personal experience, even though I love dressing as a lady, I have dressed in a regimental and manned the canon crew. One event, my unit’s canon crew were all teenage girls, and we were awesome out on the field! We got a lot of stairs, but we also received a lot of praise for a job well done. It’s fun to “play” different roles on the field, and that’s what reenacting is for me anyways…a learning experience, but also a good time.

I was thinking about this last night, and I couldn’t help wonder…what if men decided to dress as women? I couldn’t imagine my Captain in a petticoat!