4 1/2 more weeks until my favorite event of the season…the Grand Encampment of the French & Indian War at Fort Ticonderoga. As the event nears, I can’t help but look back on past events, especially my first. I was captured by Natives! I don’t remember the entire “story” line of the event, I remember there was a wagon trail of mostly women and supplies making our way across the field, and then we were attacked by Native Americans who then tied us up and brought us back to their camp to celebrate. I wish I remembered more….perhaps there is someone out there that recalls this event. It was at Fort Ticonderoga maybe 6 years ago…

My mom sent me this picture…so I thought I would share!


If anyone else has any more images of this event I would LOVE to see them!!! You can send them to me @ MegCharland@gmail.com and I will be more then happy to post them.