4 more days ’till my FAVORITE event of the season! I’m pulling out my clothing items and accessories trying to figure out what I will be bringing this year. A good majority of my clothing for this event I will be “borrowing” from my step-father as I will be portraying a man on the artillery crew for pretty much 1/2 of the event. This year my sister Lauren and I have decided we wanted to be French, while the rest of our family will be in the British camp. This will be the first event that we will be separated.

Besides my 18th century gear, I am also packing together my photographic supplies. This year I will be bringing a 4×5 view camera with me! This will be the first event I bring a large format camera, and I am so excited. The detail, for anyone not familiar with large format, is superb. I’m hoping to mainly use the 4×5 for portraits and landscape, perhaps some still life, but I will also be bringing my Nikon D200 digital SLR with me so I can take some panoramic shots, and of course I will be sneaking my small point-and-shoot digital camera with me in my pocket so I can capture some fun snap-shots. I plan to keep myself very busy this year!