Organizer’s list:

Shave before the events (2-3 days max).
– If possible, prefer these items over other clothes:
breechclouth (brayet)
wool leggings (mitasses)
white shirt (chemise blanche)
oxhide shoes (souliers de boeufs)
red tuque or kerchief (tuque rouge ou mouchoir)
– Try not to wear any combinations of hats (ex. tricorn and
kerchiefs, …).

This was sent in an e-mail from my captain, with specific instructions from the organizer’s of the Crown Point Grand Encampment event next weekend. I don’t know why it ammused me so, I just thought it was so odd that they actually specified that you must shave 2-3 days before the event. Well I don’t know about the men, but I had every intention of shaving that Friday morning. Sorry Captain, but I will be all nice and smooth…what will my punishment be?