booty Thursday, Aug 16 2007 

A work in progress…as always comments welcome 🙂



hard core Monday, Jul 30 2007 

Organizer’s list:

Shave before the events (2-3 days max).
– If possible, prefer these items over other clothes:
breechclouth (brayet)
wool leggings (mitasses)
white shirt (chemise blanche)
oxhide shoes (souliers de boeufs)
red tuque or kerchief (tuque rouge ou mouchoir)
– Try not to wear any combinations of hats (ex. tricorn and
kerchiefs, …).

This was sent in an e-mail from my captain, with specific instructions from the organizer’s of the Crown Point Grand Encampment event next weekend. I don’t know why it ammused me so, I just thought it was so odd that they actually specified that you must shave 2-3 days before the event. Well I don’t know about the men, but I had every intention of shaving that Friday morning. Sorry Captain, but I will be all nice and smooth…what will my punishment be?


inside joke Tuesday, Jul 17 2007 

you would have had to be @ the Sunday battle to fully appreciate this image…

this is still a work in progress…but so is everything else at the moment!


great idea….why didn’t I think of that? Monday, Jul 16 2007 

Having the sailor on a ship….why didn’t I think of that? LOL 🙂 Thank you Kiel for the suggestion. How does it look now guys? The background still looks a little busy…but it is water…idk. Feedback?


what about now? Saturday, Jul 14 2007 

I’m still not thrilled with the background….but I feel I might be heading in the right direction?


Another work in progress… Saturday, Jul 14 2007 

Here is another “image” from the Grand Encampment at Fort Ti…slightly altered of course 🙂

Enjoy! Feedback encouraged as always!!


A work in progress… Wednesday, Jul 11 2007 

I have just finished working on this file….for now. Right now I guess I’m just looking for some feedback…what do you think?


SO EXCITED!!!! :-) Tuesday, Jun 26 2007 

4 more days ’till my FAVORITE event of the season! I’m pulling out my clothing items and accessories trying to figure out what I will be bringing this year. A good majority of my clothing for this event I will be “borrowing” from my step-father as I will be portraying a man on the artillery crew for pretty much 1/2 of the event. This year my sister Lauren and I have decided we wanted to be French, while the rest of our family will be in the British camp. This will be the first event that we will be separated.

Besides my 18th century gear, I am also packing together my photographic supplies. This year I will be bringing a 4×5 view camera with me! This will be the first event I bring a large format camera, and I am so excited. The detail, for anyone not familiar with large format, is superb. I’m hoping to mainly use the 4×5 for portraits and landscape, perhaps some still life, but I will also be bringing my Nikon D200 digital SLR with me so I can take some panoramic shots, and of course I will be sneaking my small point-and-shoot digital camera with me in my pocket so I can capture some fun snap-shots. I plan to keep myself very busy this year!

Welcome our newest member… Tuesday, Jun 26 2007 

This picture is of Steve Boyington with his wife Erica and newborn son Noah. What a cutie!!

(Image sent to me via Capt. Ed)

The announcement:
Steve and I are thrilled to welcome Noah Benjamin Boyington into our family. He was born Sunday, June 10 at 7:51 p.m., weighed 7 lbs 6 oz and was 20.5 inches long.

The labor was long, the delivery was natural (with the help of wonderfuly drugs) and we are now happy to have him home. We think he is adorable, but we are of course more than partial.

True love of the hobby :-) Thursday, May 31 2007 

I received this in an e-mail earlier today and just HAD to share 🙂 A member of the “family” had this for a wedding cake:
Battle Cake

Picture courtesy of Wayne Franks via Ed Kennedy.

Congrats Chris and Tamsin!!! 🙂

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